ScanMaster-ELM v2.0 OBD-2 Software for ELM327


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ScanMaster-ELM für ELM327 ScanMaster-ELM für ELM327

OBD-2/EOBD diagnostc software for all ELM327 chip based interfaces.

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The program interface has been greatly changed and on a single list view converted, leading to better data representation, and the ability of the extensibility of the program improved.

ScanMaster-ELM v2.0 supports the J1979 the latest version of 100% and is thus for the vehicles from MY 2010 there will already prepared.

The most important innovations and changes are in the following list:

  • Support a direct connection to USB (FTDI), BlueTooth and WLAN interfaces. There are no "Virtual COM Ports" more needed. The user needs to COM port settings no longer take care of and the establishment of the connection is very fast and easily done.
  • Full implementation of the latest version of SAE J1979 (MAY2007). All Modes $01 - $0A and PIDs are all in full-featured support.

  • The speed of sensor query has been significantly improved. Especially with CAN bus.
  • Graphical data representation is completely new.
  • Number of graphs can be variable 1-12 set.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Mode $03, $07) to $0A Mode to the latest state-of J1979 expanded.
  • Diagnostic trouble codes are with many additional useful information displayed.
  • English DTCs on the newest state of J2012 (Dec. 2007) updated.
  • At DTC search is now also possible to search online (Internet access required).
  • Mode $01 system status kommplett new with additional support of the Readiness for diesel engines from MY 2010
  • Mode $05 completely revised and expanded, manufacturer-specific data are supported.
  • Mode $06 completely revised and expanded, manufacturer-specific data are supported.
  • Mode $08 added
  • Mode $09 revised and expanded to "ECU Name" and "IPT" for diesel engines (MY obligation from 2010).
  • PID Config completely revised. Saved PID configurations v1.x can no longer be used.
  • Support new bit encoded PIDs (from PID $65)
  • For PIDs with multiple values, each value of "Live Data" individually presented.
  • Fuel system status is now in the tab "Mode 01" moved.
  • Data logging was in "Live Data Graph" moved
  • All in the vehicle available oxygen sensors are in the tab "Mode $05" clearly displayed.
  • New attitude - "maximize the program at startup"
  • Diagnostic report is completely new with all diagnostic data. (Old reports can be opened and printed.)
  • RTS switched on for ScanTool.net interfaces
  • MPG calculation for UK / US corrected
  • Scaling of graphics on performance test has been fixed
  • Comma ',' in the performance tests data fields is blocked
  • Windows 7 readiness tested
  • New DEMO version
  • Quick access to the log file and "home" directory of ScanMaster by the new menu items under "Help"
  • New completely revised user manuals in German and English (Thanks to CarCode Müller for their kind support).

For better presentation, it is recommended the program window to enlarge to desired size and with the help of the "window size" to save it.



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